Traveling Each Day to the Nonuments Site

We live in a working class neighborhood about an hour from the  NONUMENT site. Every morning we get on the bus line that takes us to the metro for another 35 mins. Ride to the site.
It seems that all of humanity is represented on the crowded bus during rush hour. Nurses, students, men in business suits going to their jobs every single day on the bus and metro system. Coming from a rural area the experience of seeing so many people so early in the morning really makes me appreciate the quiet, leisure mornings in New Mexico. I'm humbled by the human spirit as I witness people 's generosity and kindness as they hurry off and of the bus. Yesterday a young kid kindly offered a young mother his seat, she smiled gratefully as she managed a bag and a baby all at the same time.
I feel inspired and humbled by the working class and every morning when I get on the bus I'm committed to honoring the people I see on the bus?