My latest creative effort entitled, PROTECT THE SACRED

Billboards have disrupted the authentic landscape with advertising for the traveler for years. Billboards clutter regions of the US with the mentality of unconscious consumerism

and materialism. In certain areas billboards- especially in the Southwest, prompts an exploitation of indigenous culture. This is especially true in the area of 

Gallup. New Mexico where travelers from either East or West directions are bombarded by stereotypical native imagery, selling culture along side a 10 cent cup of coffee off the interstate.

As a young girl when we traveled these roads and saw these billboards, it seemed dehumanizing to sell “authentic” Navajo rugs at a curios shop when you stopped for gas. 


So here is my response to this form of cultural advertising. In my billboard, I’m not selling a product in the usual sense- but an idea.

I ask - WHAT IS SACRED? -our land? Ourselves? Our families? Our culture? 


My first billboard will appear on the interstate between Gallup, NM and Winslow Arizona in the town of Joseph City.

I purposefully selected this site for obvious environmental reasons. This area is a busy artery from east coast to California but it also serves a large Native population.


Image of the site I have secured for a year-